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Estate Planning & Probate Attorney in Hamilton, Ohio

Distribute Your Estate According to Your Wishes

Whether your loved one has created a will or not, their estate will need to go through the probate process. Brandabur Law LLC handles estate facilitation and litigation. Michael Brandabur is a seasoned probate attorney practicing in Hamilton, Ohio. Rely on him to carry out your wishes and resolve potential disputes.

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Your Future Is in Your Hands

Planning your estate now will save your family time and stress in the long run. Visit Brandabur Law LLC to start the process. Attorney Brandabur will help you:

  • Draft a simple or complex will

  • Set up a testamentary trust

  • Appoint adult and minor guardianships

  • Designate powers of attorney

  • Create an advance directive

  • Establish a life care or elder care plan

Distribute your assets with help from Attorney Brandabur. Contact Brandabur Law LLC now to discuss your needs with a compassionate probate attorney in Hamilton, Ohio.