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Everyone's heard about wills and trusts, but not everyone knows the difference between the two. The attorney at Brandabur Law LLC will explain the advantages of each so you can know which one would be better for your estate plan.

The main difference between a will and a trust is that a will goes into effect after you die, whereas a trust can take effect immediately. Attorney Brandabur will explore your options with you so you can have peace of mind about your estate.

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What All Can You Do with a Will or Trust?

Attorney Brandabur can help you create a will, testamentary trust or guardianship agreement. Once you've created your documents, you can:

  • Name durable powers of attorney

  • Appoint heirs and guardians

  • Prevent a lengthy probate process

  • Keep your financial records private

These are just a few things you can do with these documents. Rely on Attorney Brandabur to help you achieve your estate planning goals.

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